Book A Retreat

Camp ALOMA is open 7 days a week year round. How can best serve you and your group? How to book a retreat? The 1st step is to get in touch with someone at camp. You can do this by calling or emailing. Have a few dates in mind for your retreat just in case your first choice isn’t open. Camp will have a few questions such as “how many people will attend? how many meals will you be needing for the weekend?” etc.Once all the basics are covered you will be emailed a contract to sign. Pretty simple! We’d love to answer your questions at any time so please feel free to reach out whenever!

ALOMA Members:

4-meal weekend $75.00

5-meal weekend $82.00

Non ALOMA Members:

4-meal weekend $95.00

5-meal weekend $104.00

Rates for canoeing, GCC and archery included in rates and contributions of member churches Canoeing $5.00 per camper

GCC $3.00 per camper 6-17 over 17 $5.00

Archery $30.00 per group

*please call (928)-778-1690 to confirm current rates.