Summer 2023 ” Piece By Piece”

Here is the Summer Schedule of 2023

Explorers, Pioneers, and Jr High prices are $350 and High school is $400 for the Sunday-Friday camp. Check in begins at 3pm on Sunday and Check out begins at 11am on Friday

Mini camp pricing is $255 for Sunday -Wednesday camp. Check in begins at 3pm on Sunday and Check out begins at 11am on Wednesday.

Week 1 June 4th -9th ( 3rd-4th explorer ,5th-6th pioneer, 7th-9th Jr High, 10th-12th Js Training) Residential Camp

-Offering 3rd-9th grade for Day camp Monday-Thursday 

Week 2 June 11th -16th (Kinder-2nd mini, explorers, pioneer, Jr High) Residential camp

-Offering 3rd-9th grade for Day camp Monday-Thursday 

Week 3 June 18th- 23rd (Jr High and High school) Residential Camp

-Not offering Day camp 

Week 4 June 25th-30th (Explorer, Pioneer ) Residential Camp

-Offering 3rd-6th grade Day camp  Monday- Thursday

Week 5 July 2nd- 7th (Explorer, Pioneer, Jr High, Js Training) Residential Camp

-Offering 3rd-6th for Day camp Monday- Thursday

Week 6 July 9th- 14th (Mini Camp, Explorer,Pioneer, Jr High) Residential Camp

-Offering 3rd-9th grade for Day camp Monday- Thursday

Week 7 July 16th -21st ( Explorer, Pioneer, Jr High , 9th-12th JS training) Residential Camp

-Offering 3rd-9th grade for Day camp Monday- Thursday

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Check in and check out

Check in on Sunday begins at 3pm. Please have your campers profile completed before arriving to camp! If you are wanting to make an in person payment that is totally fine, we can plug in your card, accept a check made out to ALOMA (not Camp ALOMA), or cash. Don’t forget to also have your campers canteen/ camp store money ready, we recommend at least $25 for the week, but it’s totally up to you!

Check out on Friday is at 11am, but you are more than welcomed to join us at 10:30am for our closing service! Please do not try to take your camper at 10:30am, their counselor needs to be present at the closing service and it would not be fair to make them run back and forth. Be sure to stop by the nurses station for any medications. The camp store will also be open for anyone who wants to poke around before leaving. We do not have credit cards, but we accept venmo, paypal, cash , or check.


$60 round trip , $30 one way.  The only transportation spot this year will be behind the McDonald’s on Thunderbird and the I-17 (2845 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053). Please make sure your camper has eaten and has a bottle of water for the ride. The earliest the bus will arrive is 12:30pm, but the driver may choose to not let your camper on until everyone is there. This is usually Jet limo’s policy and ALOMA has no control over what the bus driver permits. Please be sure to be prompt, because the bus will be leaving by 1:00pm! On Friday the camp bus aims to leave by 11am. This should put the bus back at the same McDonalds at 1:15pm-1:30pm .On the day of pick up and drop off please reach out to Bob McNaughton who will be the camp chaperone on the bus: 928-499-8710.

Mini camper can only sign up for Sunday transportation.

If you have more than one camper registered for the bus please call 928-778-1690 for discounts.


When driving to Camp, if using GPS, or online map service, we recommend getting directions to Thumb Butte park, and then from there to camp.  This will ensure you are not given directions to camp using the back road, which is less passable. Use the address of 300 Margaret Drive.

_ Water Bottle for hikes and other outdoor activities (please label with camper’s name.) *We have very low humidity and the campers need water often. Sleeping Bag or Bedding
Coat Changes of clothes for the week. *Please remember it gets cold here at night,
and campers will need some long sleeves and pants.
Modest attire – no spaghetti straps or tank tops (girls & boys), no bare-midriffs Long pair of pants or sweats (evening are chilly)
Hat Soap, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Shampoo
Towel and Washcloth Sturdy shoes or hiking boots (NO sandals or open toed shoes.)
*You may wear sandals in the bathroom/shower, but they are not allowed outside.
Flashlight Sunscreen SPF 15 or higher
Chapstick Bible
Pillow Money for Gift Shop/Canteen use
Any necessary medication (in original pharmacy container with camper’s name on it) Bandanna (optional)
Swimsuit: (for water games) Girls: modest one piece (no two-piece allowed) Boys: boxer type Reading Book or other quiet time activity.
Modest Pajamas (Bathrobe optional) _ Donation of toys or clothes (optional)
If brought to camp, these items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the week!
• Radio, iPOD, MP3 Player
• Snacks, Gum, Food
• Knives, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns
• Personal Video Game Systems, CD Players,
• Shaving Cream or like substances
• Cell Phones – There is no service at Camp ALOMA
Camp ALOMA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.