Helping ALOMA through Volunteering



 Helping ALOMA pointing to Christ!

prayers: keep the ministry of ALOMA in your prayers;

projects: choose a project from the list “Adopt a Project”;

people:  bring people up to enjoy the beauty of ALOMA;

You can sign up to volunteer in a number of different areas and spend a weekend or even a week at Camp serving fixing meals, helping with a maintenance project, cleaning different parts of the camp, planting plants, and so much more.  You will be a big help, give of yourself and your time and get the joy of the many young faces at camp.  Call or email the camp office at www.campaloma.com or 928-778-1690.


Our campground is constantly evolving and we need volunteers! We are doing building renovations, trail creations/maintenance, and general summer camp needs. Groups that have previously adopted projects include Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, Women and Men’s Groups, etc.  If your group is unable to work a project we have other options including the sponsorship of projects around camp. Contact Director Leah McKean for more information about potential projects your group could fund and/or adopt.