ALOMA Moments

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You know you’re at ALOMA when you think you’re really tan but realize your tan line is just a dirt line from playing outside all day.”

“You know when you are at ALOMA when the coldest day of the week is water day”.

“My ALOMA Moment would have to be when I came to realize how awesome and fun it was to interact with other people and campers! And to just disconnect from the world and get into the Word of God and come to realize how great life really is!”

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Upcoming Events

ALOMA’s Annual Burger Bash

July 25, 2020




SUMMER CAMP 2020 Cancelled!

After much prayerful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our summer camp sessions for the rest of the 2020 summer season. After an extensive review of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over the course of the last few weeks, we realize that no amount of safety precautions could fully prevent a potential outbreak in our community. We put the safety of our campers and families first! In spite of this unexpected turn for the summer season, we hold firm to the belief that God is still at work through these strange and unprecedented times.

The decision to cancel summer 2020 camps does not mean that our facilities are closed. Although camp will be closed to campers, we will still be hosting two junior-staff training sessions for interested high school students (incoming freshmen through seniors). This will allow us to have a larger network of the available camp staff for future retreats and summer sessions. Interested junior staff trainees and parents can visit

Additionally, our campsite is still open to small retreat groups, families, receptions, memorial services, and other small events. Please contact us for the summer and off-season dates of availability and any other questions about booking our facilities.

While our campers may not be able to experience camp in a physical sense this summer, we are hard at work at creating new opportunities for them to experience camp from a distance. Be sure to keep an eye out for new content on our social media platforms on FacebookInstagramTikTok. The spiritual work and mission of Camp ALOMA are not limited to the mere physical space of our campgrounds. God’s power and presence is something that transcends all barriers, and we are confident that He will continue to work in the hearts of the Camp ALOMA community in spite of the constraints that are keeping us physically distanced from one another.

Junior Staff Training 2020

Even with summer camp being canceled, we still want to offer 2 JS training weeks. As of now, we have not narrowed down what weeks in July will be chosen due to our priority of keeping the camp a safe space.

Age: 9th-12th graders are welcome!

Date: June 28-July 3, July 5-July 10 (Sunday-Friday)

Contact Leah McKean with questions or concerns for more information regarding JS training.


New Years Retreat

This Retreat is for Jr High and High School ages to provide a safe place to ring in the New Year! Fun Activities, Fellowship, Spiritual Connects, and (hopefully) SNOW!

Dates TBA

Elementary Retreat

This retreat is perfect for elementary age children who are looking for a fun break filled with friends, worship, and games!

Dates TBA

Click the image or the link below to register for summer 2021